Chronicles - Dark Side Of Light

by AlasBlackArches

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released July 2, 2015

Alas Black Arches
"Chronicles - Dark Side Of Light"

All songs written by: Alas Black Arches.

Produced by: Dan Mizen & Alas Black Arches .

Recorded & mixed by: Dan Mizen @ Active Audio Recording Studios, Harrogate, U.K.

Mark - Guitars, Don - Drums, Dag - Vocals, Del - Bass

All rights reserved.
Alas Black Arches



all rights reserved


AlasBlackArches Leeds, UK

Metal from Leeds, U.K.

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Track Name: Stalled
She`s so sharp and on edge that could stall a Red Armey. Time moves tongue of the bell, your paths cross accidentally – forever fallen one. Pose composed and unique, but her eyes glow on empty – with every breath that you may take, then you wish it would end while she`s bleeding you gently dry. Uh, let`s go. I`ve paid the price for my lack of vision; I almost drowned in muddy waters before. Hate to say I`m comprehensive, I can feel it every time I turn around. Sell me out, like you sold me before, nothing sacred just an overrated love when you`re sleeping with Sirens. With every breath that you can now face to take, forever fallen idols lead astray, an open road it`s the path that you choose to lay when sleeping with Sirens. Wow to prolific disorder; bow to the finger of blame now that you become a marauder, by God I thought you figured this out. Uh, last one. Welcome to Dreamerica, United Sindom. Republics of Cocania, fake choice of freedom. I greet you oh Bulimic Isles, Eutopic Nations. Zero size citizens’ and selfie patients. We could stall a Red Army, but our eyes glow empty, you`re stalled while sleeping with Sirens. You`re stalled, when sleeping with Sirens.
You made your bed now lay in it.
Track Name: Bystander FX
Why don`t you stand there and laugh at yourself? Is this the rebirth, your reflection that`s precious? It`s downwards spiral, from now you are alive why can`t you clear your mind we`re on same page. Why don`t you stop for a second and think? Is this paralysis that now makes you wonder? It`s hard to put the life in hands of the faith stop living life as just a bystander! Why don`t you say it? Why don`t you say like it is? Oh, yeah. Is there now something in your life that`s been missing - like truth? I know my mind has been cleared of this guessing today – how about you? Why don`t you join the queue and watch as life passes you by Bystander! And you some sort of a bitter man, then again we`re all just the same, both running our ways. It`s true, old masks all dissolve as dye, no you`re know you`re not on your own both marching as clones. Run it! Why don`t you say it like it is?! Aggravated this soul-searching has now become, overrated part of me will never be done. We are ignoring they`re laughter as bridges get burned, simplify this lie vortex now in to the life. Why don`t you say it? Why don`t you say like it is?
Track Name: Mercury
It’s a send-off, one`s left behind a reason, I`m servant for pleasure of its master. Thy will be done; now roam free you dwelling messenger of light. I am the liquid solid state, an open mind what’s left behind; a solitude, a price to pay.
A messenger of shouts in violence corrupted twisted seed of silence. I have no time, no heart that binds. I have no heart that truly binds me here. For long you dwelled inside this shell, feel free unchallenged in this hell, a lifer staring at himself. Make no mistake I drag my cross; I know the price for what I caused, I challenge you to do what’s worst! This mercury inside of me, it’s a welcome to king of needs, a reason I’m servant for pleasure of thy master. Oh I peel the faith down to its core, no sentiments, just open doors. You see the point to strive for more, if all what’s written stands as law? Question all, leave no stone unturned. Now face what’s coming after you, I have the best seats for this view, rows A to Hell; The Grand Tier walking hand in hand with all of the damned. Walking hand in hand with them... Yeah, I open up the hallow ground. Walking hand in hand with them I open up the hollow ground and let this mercury inside of me.